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Scholarships and Virtual Education

Introduction As online schools become more common, scholarships will likely begin to follow suit. The good news is that many organizations have created scholarship programs to support students who are taking advantage of the flexibility and convenience of an online education.Say’s  Dr.John Manzella,many companies and organizations offer their own scholarships for virtual students as well. […]

The Future Of Research Scholarships

Introduction There are many scholarships that go unclaimed every year. This is because students are not aware of all the options available to them and how to apply for them properly. Say’s  Dr.John Manzella, we understand that it can be difficult for students to find the right scholarships for their interests and needs. As a […]

Why You still Need Scholarships to Go to College

Introduction College is a time of great learning, discovery and growth. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the money you need to go to college. Say’s  Dr.John Manzella , scholarships are an excellent way to help make your education affordable. There are many different types of scholarships available for students, but here are some […]

How to Win a Scholarship to Medical School

Competing for a scholarship to medical school is challenging work says Dr John Manzella. You’ll have to put in a considerable amount of time and effort, but the payoff can be huge. Scholarships can give you the opportunity to attend a prestigious school at an affordable price, with no debt after graduation. The best way […]