Why You still Need Scholarships to Go to College

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College is a time of great learning, discovery and growth. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the money you need to go to college. Say’s  Dr.John Manzella , scholarships are an excellent way to help make your education affordable. There are many different types of scholarships available for students, but here are some common reasons why you might still need scholarships even if you think financially secure:

You might not think you need one, but you probably do.

You might not think you need a scholarship, but the truth is that many students do. One in three scholarships awarded by the College Board in the last year was given to a student who ranked below average on admission tests—meaning that more likely than not, there are students who are being denied financial aid because they didn’t have the grades or scores to get it on their own merits alone.

Scholarships can help with tuition fees and books, but also room and board expenses if applicable. Some even cover travel costs for out-of-state students—the only way for many students to afford college at all!

Some people are entitled to scholarships because of their achievements in high school.

Some scholarships are based on a student’s achievements in high school. These may include being a member of a certain club or organization, achieving high scores on standardized tests, and/or receiving promotions within an organization such as the military.

Other scholarships reward students who have shown leadership skills or contributed to their communities in some way. These types of scholarship funds are often competitive and require submission of an application form along with letters of recommendation from teachers and other individuals who can attest to your leadership qualities and community service record.

Scholarships don’t have a set dollar amount, which means they can help with your entire tuition or just a tiny part of it.

The exact dollar amount of your scholarship will vary by institution, but it can be used to help pay for anything from books and tuition to room and board.

While some scholarships are awarded based on merit, such as GPA or test scores, many awards are need-based (which means you have to have a financial need in order to qualify).

Apply for them anyway!

  • It’s free!
  • You have nothing to lose by applying. They’re easy to apply for, and you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t win. You can even apply for them when filling out your FAFSA form.


I’m sure you’re wondering why you should even bother applying for scholarships if they’re so hard to get. Well, here are some statistics to show why it’s worth your time and effort:

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